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Nina has done an impeccable job at being my Realtor...She was very helpful, knowledgeable and persistent while representing me as a Buyer during a very sticky bank owned property transaction. She recognizes a good deal and worked long hours for months to get... (more)


When my wife and I purchased our first home (a foreclosure property) in Merrimack, Nina continuously offered us assistance, enabling us to understand what was happening throughout the entire tedious task of dealing with the banks, etc... She made the process... (more)


Over the years Nina has provided me with Real Estate administrative services, has assisted me numerous times with screening tenants, lease signings, contract negotiations and showings... She has worked around the clock conducting research and negotiating on... (more)

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Community Events

Let's Shoot Lasers at Each Other! (Tim's Awesome Laser Tag)
7-1-15 6:00 pm - Bedford Playground and Tennis Courts
Nashua Social Seekers (25 - 40)

Now that all/some of us are paintball masters, let's take our gun wielding skills to a different more high tech arena and shoot lasers at each other in the highly strategic battle that is laser tag.  Each match costs $16 and lasts for 30...

Play Tennis!
7-1-15 6:00 pm - Bedford Playground and Tennis Courts
Adventures and Events

We generally play for 2 hours and all abilities are welcome! Most of us have not played for 20+ years so still getting the kinks out through various kinds of practice including simple volleying to some non-competitive games - singles or doubles....

Community Events

July FLASH Workshop, First Wednesday
7-3-15 11:00 am
Write Free Or Die

The FLASH workshop is simply a round-the-table read & comment exercise. Each reader (not everyone has to read, feel free to just attend & comment) does a 3-minute (or less) reading of original fiction. Then the rest of the folks respond (at the...

Maudslay State Park
7-3-15 11:00 am

Meet in the parking lot and walk 1.5 hours around Maudslay.  I hope the rhododendrons are in bloom.  This is a walk through the woods and a pretty much a flat walk.